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Zinnos ZNC-910 Smart NMEA to Step & Log Converter (Modes 1, 2, 3)

Brand: Zinnos, Condition: New, NSN: 5895-37-524-0990

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Zinnos ZNC-910 Smart NMEA to Step & Log Converter (Modes 1, 2, 3)

ZNC-910 Smart NMEA to Step Gyro Converter converts from NMEA data (HDT) to Step gyrocompass signal.

This Smart NMEA to Step Gyro Converter is useful for interfacing between new Gyrocompass (such Satellite compass or without Step/Synch signal) and many navigation equipment needed for heading signal.








Mode-1: NMEA to Step-Gyro Converter (ZNC-910 Only) :

  • NMEA Input --HDT
  • Step Output 90/180/360:1 Stepper signal (+/-common)
  • NMEA Output HEHDT, 1Hz

Mode:2: NMEA to Log pulse Converter (with NMEA sentence Translation):

  • NMEA Input --VBW, --VHW, --RMC, --VTG (Automatically recognize) In case of VBW, ground speed has priority.
  • Log Pulse Outputs 4 Dry/Pulses 200/400/800:1 selectable.
  • NMEA Output VMVBW, VMVHW, GPRMC, GPVTG selectable. 1Hz

Mode-3: Log Pulse to NMEA converter (with Log pulse Repeater)

  • Pulse/Dry Input 200/400/800 pulse/knot dry or pulse signal.
  • NMEA Output VMVBW, VMVHW, GPRMC, GPVTG selectable. 1Hz.
  • Pulse Output 4 Dry/Pulses, or 3 Dry/Pulses + 1 Alarm output.
  • Alarm Output More than 8 or 10knots.

Common Specifications

Inputs :

  • NMEA0183 Galvanic isolation with main circuit and input power. 4,800 ~ 38,400 bps.
  • Pulse 5~25V Pulse.
  • Dry contact Max. 5mA
  • External Power Up to DC55V. Used for Step & Pulse signals

Outputs :

  • NMEA0183 Supports 4,800~38,400 bps
  • Step/Pulse/Dry 3 Steps for Gyro, or 4 Pulse(Dry) for Speed signal. Main power(DC24V) or external power(up to 55V) is used, and selected by jump Open collector type. Up to 0.3A per each signal.

External Power (for Step/Log pulse output power) :

  • Input Voltage  Up to DC55V.
  • Current Appr. 0.3A x 4 (depends on loads), 0.5A x 4 electronic fuses are used. Used for Step/Log pulse power instead of main input power by Jumper.
  • Input Power (for main circuits) :
  • Input Voltage DC24V (18~32V), Appr. 200mA at DC24V. Used for Step/Log pulse power instead of external power by Jumper.
  • Fuse Electronic fuse, no replace required.

Physical specifications :

  • Size 193mm x 138.5mm x 48.5 mm (See below drawing).
  • Weight Appr. 1.0kg.
  • Terminal Screw type terminal blocks.

Option :

  • For DC12V and other NMEA Sentences translation, Please contact us.

* The specifications may be changed without any notifications.


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