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Webasto Air Top 5500 17,000 BTU Premium Forced Air Marine Heater Kit w/Surewire EZ Install Board

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Webasto AT5500 18,000 BTU Premium Forced Air Marine Heater Kit with Surewire

For further information and list of parts for this heater kit, click here.

The AT 5500 is a heater designed to heat sailboats from 34 to 38 feet and powerboats from 30 to 34 feet in size (depending on make, model and area of use). This unit is diesel-fired heater that is rated to 18,000 BTU and is available in 12 or 24 volt.

The AT 5500 is an air heater designed to blow air through installed duct ran to various spaces in the boat. The unit is controlled by a central thermostat that shuts the unit down when the boat's interior has reached the desired temperature. Benefits of an air heater are simple installation and operation as well as quick heat. The duct design of the AT 5500 allows the unit to be installed with a simple run of duct from the heater to the spaces that need heat. This simple installation allows the heater to blow hot air into the cabin just after startup without a warm-up period.

When choosing a system to heat your boat, installation requirements should be taken into account. A clean, dry location should be chosen for the mounting of the heater. Once this spot is chosen it should be checked against the parameters of the heater's system. Exhaust run and placement should be taken into consideration when choosing a location for the unit. The AT 5500 uses 24 mm exhaust flex tube that must vent over the side or aft transom of the boat. Location for the thru-hull should be as high (min 36 in.) and far aft as possible to prevent water intrusion into the exhaust system. The AT 5500 can have a maximum of 10 ft. of exhaust installed with a maximum of 270° of bends. The unit should not have more than 40 ft. of duct installed and should have no sharp turns within 2 ft. of the unit itself. The placement of the heater should conform to these specifications before the installation process begins.

Along with heater placement, placement of the duct for the heater is also important. The AT 5500 uses 4 in. duct that must be installed in such a manner that it cannot be crushed or knocked loose during cruising or boat use.

Once heater placement has been chosen, heat outlet locations should be chosen. All outlets should be located low in the space because heat rises. The main salon should have on 4 in. open-only outlet installed and this should be the first outlet in the line. Other smaller spaces can have 3 in. or even 2 in. outlets depending on the needs of that particular space.

With this information, heater choice for your boat should be a bit easier (or perhaps harder if you cannot meet some of the specifications listed). If you have any further questions on installation or operation, please contact Great Lakes Marine Specialties (NavStore) for more information.

For further information and list of parts for this heater kit, click here.

Webasto AT2000ST 7,000 BTU Premium Forced Air Marine Heater Kit w/Surewire Kit Description (Webasto_AT2000-06.pdf, 153 Kb) [Download]