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Virus Turbo II Wing Rowboat with Sliding Rigger

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The Turbo II Wing - fixed seat, sliding rigger - momentum check eliminated.

The Virus Turbo II Wing is a single scull that's great for exercise, training and touring. It is more broad abeam than most sculls, and is stable in bay, lake and river waters. Made of tough polyethylene, the Virus Turbo II is unsinkable and 95% self-bailing. With a fixed seat and sliding rigger the momentum check is eliminated, the Virus Turbo II delivers a great price-performance value.

Virus Turbo II Wing Recreational Rowboats

  • Recyclable polyethylene rotomolded
  • 22" 'beam for good stability, long "built-in" skeg for good tracking
  • Unsinkable and 95% self-bailing
  • Tough and maintenance-free hull
  • Under 16' long for easy storage , handling and transport
  •  Rigging/stretcher adjustments without tools
  • Martonoli gated oarlocks for standard carbon oars
  • Storage compartment
  • Fore and aft cleats


The European Union has passed new environmental protection standards banning certain chemical color and paint products for polyethylene manufacturing in favor of organically produced pigments. The new organic Yellow used for the Turbo II Classic and Wing caused uneven appearances and shadows. In order to produce a scull of high quality not only in performance but also in looks, Virus has decided to change the hull from yellow to white.

The new Turbo II Classic and Wing, as well as the Yole Club, all in rotationally molded polyethylene, are now produced according to the new environmental standards with organic coloring agents. The hull material if fully recyclable.


  • Delivery is to the Freight terminal nearest you. We will provide you the address, phone number and directions to this terminal. 
  • From inventory, domestic shipments take approximately 3-8 business days
  • Boats on back order: up to 3-6 weeks
  • All boats are shipped from Charleston, SC.

For customers outside the USA: We will contact you after your online purchase with shipping charges due. For a shipping quote prior to ordering, please email us at sales@navstore.com. When you email, please provide the rowboat name you would like to order and complete shipping address.


  • Hull:polyethylene
  • Color:white
  • Rigging:single, fixed rigger, sliding seat
  • Rigging Specs:span (oarlock to oarlock) 64"/163cm, gated oarlocks (Martinoli)
  • Rigging Material:stainless steel rigger/aluminum tubing
  • Length:16'/4m 87cm
  • Width:at deck 24"/61cm. at waterline 21"/53cm
  • Weight:59 pounds/26kg


The following oars may be used with the Turbo II:

(1) Aluminum Sport Oars 298cm/118"

(2) Fixed Length (Carbon Fiber) 287cm/113"  (Recommended)

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