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ShipModul has released new MiniPlex Firmware

by Rich Jamieson

Dear MiniPlex users,


ShipModul has released new MiniPlex firmware which contains some new features, bugfixes and better handling of communications with the Wifi interface.

MiniPlex firmware: V3.31.0
WiFi firmware: V4.41

WiFi firmware V4.41 is released again and together with MiniPlex firmware V3.31.0, all should be working ok now.

MiniPlex V3.31.0 firmware contains new features (see www.shipmodul.com/en/fw_changelog.html for details) as well as new settings for the WiFi interface. These settings ensure better handling when a WiFi connection is lost, allowing a device to reconnect immediately.
Also, the WiFi update process is improved.

The WiFi LED now follows the WiFi connection status again. When off, no WiFi connection is present in both access point and client mode.

It is important to install MiniPlex firmware V3.31.0 first before updating the WiFi firmware. If your WiFi firmware is already up-to-date (check version with PSMDWI,V command), you don't need to update it again, you only need to update the MiniPlex V3.31.0 firmware and issue a PSMDWI,A command to activeate the new settings.