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Dog On water Ramp is the original inflatable floating ramp for dogs. Perfect for boats, pontoon boats, docks, and swimming pools.

Dog-On Water Ramp - The original inflatable floating ramp for dogs.

Seasonal Product Alert: 2016 Stock completely sold out.

08/22/16 - The manuacturer has notified us that this product is now out-of-stock until early 2017.  Please check back then.

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SEASONAL PRODUCT: 2016 Stock completely sold out.  Check back in February 2017.

Dog On water Ramp is the original inflatable floating ramp for dogs.

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Perfect for boats, pontoon boats, docks, and swimming pools.

The inflatable Dog-On Water Ramp for boats, docks and pools has an extra wide deck which floats on easy to inflate tubes. The Dog-On Water Ramp tubes are fabricated with a heavy-duty PVC coated polyester which covers and protects the inflatable air bladders inside. Exiting the water is as easy as walking up a bank at the water's edge. And, unlike other water ramps, the Dog-On Water Ramp floating dog ramp works for dogs weighing from 10 to 200 pounds without any extra accessories or adjustments required. The Dog-On Water Ramp is extremely light - only 18 lbs! - very easy to handle (22″ long when deflated) and can be used with just about every type of boat, dock, swimming pool or property bulkhead.

The Dog-On Water Ramp is ideal for boat and swim docks and also for pontoon boats. The 'Superman' mesh ramp attaches securely to the Dog-On Water Ramp;s roomy deck which, itself, provides the perfect spot for your dog to shake off, or to just sit and rest on awhile. To use the floating Dog-On Water Ramp, simply place the assembled ramp into the water and tie the platform (with two ropes) to cleats, a rail, ladder or any convenient tie-down spot. The Dog-On Water Ramp attaches easily to all types of boats, docks, swimming pools, and other structures. And if you're moving around on the water, just pick up your lightweight Dog-On Water Ramp and pull it onboard, or lash it to a side or back rail of your boat as you would a ski tube.

2016 Colors

Blue Red Green

The Dog-On Water Ramp inflatable floating water ramp for pets is MADE IN THE USA and constructed of sturdy, long lasting materials; see below for detailed product specifications. The Dog-On Water Ramp is a truly versatile water ramp - dogs absolutely love it! 


  • One size for all dog weights, 10 lbs and up! No adjustments, extensions or additional buoys required.
  • Dogs naturally swim with their heads above the waterline which can make other water ramps and ladders difficult for dogs to locate. With most of the device extending below the waterline, it is essentially out of their sight. Conversely, The Dog-On Water Ramp is EASY for dogs to see! The Dog-On Water Ramp have colorful floating pontoon style arms that can be spotted on TOP of the water while your dog is swimming and playing. This important feature allows you to move it to different locations - when travelling on your boat or visiting friends with your pup - without additional training or confusion.
  • DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT: Inflated: 34 ½″ wide 63″ long. Deflated: 34 ½″ wide, 21″ long, 8″ deep. 18 pounds.
  • DECK/DOCK: 34″ wide by 21"deep, custom molded UV-resistant, plastic resin deck. Holes along the back edge for easy attachment to almost any structure. Surface is textured, has ridges to help provide traction and through-holes for water drainage.
  • EXTERNAL TUBE FABRIC: Heavy-duty 18oz. PVC coated polyester outer tubes, same as used on inflatable boats for its durability, abrasion resistance and UV tolerance.
  • INTERNAL BLADDER AND VALVE: 100% polyurethane. Seems are RF welded. The Halkey Roberts valve is very reliable and easy to inflate and rapidly deflate. A standard tire valve and short length of clear tubing adapters are supplies with the filler valve to easily inflate the tubes.
  • DOG RAMP: "Superman Mesh″ extremely tough 18oz. polyester mesh fabric which is then vinyl coated. It submerges readily and allows water to easily drain through and provides fantastic paw traction. Fasteners are stainless steel, ramp spreader bar is galvanized, corrosive resistant, steel tubing.
  • DOCK STRAPS AND BUCKLES: 1″ Nylon strapping for attaching the deck to the flotation tubes. Tough Nexus ladder-locks buckles, made of Delrin.
  • ZIPPERS AND STITCHING: Big #10 nylon, YKK brand, self-repairing tube zippers to access the bladder. Ramp components are attached via extra wide heavy-duty Velcro. Industrial-strength, sun-resistant polypropylene thread on all seams.
  • MAINTENANCE: Take out of the water between uses and hose or wash to remove residual salt water, algae and chemicals. If left in the water for extended periods and prolonged contact with high levels of salt water and chemicals effects any component, spare parts are available.
  • MADE IN THE USA - 1 Yr Manufacturers Warranty
  • "The Dog-On Water Ramp is Patented (US Patent No. 6,722,307) to Bear Brained Ideas, Inc., Waco, TX.

While several floating dog ramps are available to regain entry onto a boat, only Dog-On Water Ramp™ features a rigid deck, providing the opportunity to shake off and rest, and a soft mesh ramp, in which to sit and lounge around.  We think you'll find that Dog-On water Ramp, is an excellent floating water ramp for dogs.


Q.     Will it hold the weight of my XXX pound dog?

A.     Dog-On Water Ramp™ has been tested at 215 pounds and with large Newfoundlanders.


Q.     Will it work on my pontoon boat?

A.     In fact, most Dog-On Water Ramp™ users have pontoon boats.


Q.     How much does it weigh?

A.     Composed of lightweight materials, Dog-On Water Ramp™ weighs approximately 20 pounds.  


Q.     How big is it?

A.     When inflated the Dog-On Water Ramp™ dimensions are: 34½"  wide, 63” long, and about 10” high from the bottom of a pontoon to the top of the leading edge of the rigid deck.

Others: Most all other dog ramps are constructed of plastic or metal and are designed to fit over a cleat or be secured with lines.

Dog-On Water Ramp™:

  • It floats.  You won’t see your investment sink out of sight if mishandled!

Others: Other floating ramps may be totally rigid, have a fixed "riser height", and  may not easily accommodate different sized dogs, or be slippery and difficult to acquire good traction. This isn’t good for a dog’s joints, as there is the possibility for injury and difficulty in exiting the water.

Dog-On Water Ramp™:      

  • The ramp is a flexible fabric called “monster mesh”.  The deck is a molded plastic resin with ridges and a provided "Traction Mat" for added traction .
  •  There is nothing that can catch a claw or cause a paw to become entangled or carpet that can become waterlogged and rot or mildew.

Others: Other floating ramps may not be able to maintain a consistent angle and gentle slope of the ramp, due to the different sizes and weights of dogs.

Dog-On Water Ramp™:

  • The unit floats and is independent from the boat. It remains a consistent height and is always in relation to the point of attachment.
  •  While on the platform the dog’s weight and exertion are supported by the flotation and little energy is transferred to the boat.  Attachment is accomplished via lines inserted through the leading holes in the deck and to the connection method on the boat. The slope remains the same in relationship to the pontoons.

Others: Some platforms have steps that are like ladders and the distance between risers is fixed.  You’d have to first teach your dog to climb a ladder and then there is no allowance for different size dogs.  Some have the steps mounted to “poles” leading to the platform and may not be very stable.  Others have the steps mounted between two sides.  Either requires the dog to uncomfortably find the steps “in the blind” since they are under water. 

Dog-On Water Ramp™:

  • The dog is guided to the deck between the flotation tubes and simply swims forward until feeling the gentle slope of the ramp underfoot.  Getting out of the water is as simple as walking up a bank at the waters edge.  Training is fun sport for your dog.

Others: Some floating ramps require optional flotation bags, for an additional fee, to be attached to the bottom of the device, depending on the weight of the dog, and may weigh 40 pounds..  If the support doesn't match the dogs weight, the dog has a hard time using it.  You'd need different floats for different size dogs.

Dog-On Water Ramp™:   

  • Dog-On Water Ramp's float tubes are extremely buoyant.  Large to small retrievers have no problem.  It even supports the weight of two dogs coming up the ramp at the same time!
  • Dog-On Water Ramp's materials are tough yet lightweight.  It weighs approximately 20 pounds!

For dogs trained and experienced in using a Dog-On Water Ramp™, it provides an excellent escape route  when the owner is absent or not aware that the dog is in the water and may not have any other way to reach safe footing and shore.

Barry Rogers is the inventor of the Dog-On Water Ramp™

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