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Digital Yacht NMEA 0183 to Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter - 38,400 Baud - WLN10HS

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Digital Yacht NMEA 0183 to Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter - 38,400 Baud - WLN10HS

This innovative and cost effective wireless device creates its own wifi 802.11b+g  wireless access point which any other wireless device can connect to, such as a Smart Phone, Netbook or Laptop.

Connect it to any device or system that has an NMEA 0183 output and it will automatically read the data and transmit it wirelessly to another wireless device. The NMEA 0183 data is transferred using TCP/IP protocol to a suitably compatible application on the wireless device.

A number of Marine Navigation software packages support TCP/IP data transfer including;

  • SeaPro (PC)
  • Rose Point Coastal Explorer (PC)
  • MacENC  (Macs)
  • iNavX  (iPhone/iPad)   

If you are connecting the WLN10HS to an AIS receiver or transponder, then Digital Yacht’s free iAIS app is downloadable from the Apple App Store, which will display an AIS radar type picture on your Apple device.

Only one device at a time can send/receive TCP/IP data with the WLN10HS

  • Wireless NMEA Data server (38400 baud)
  • Reads NMEA 0183 data and transmits it wirelessly over 802.11b+g
  • Can be fitted to any AIS unit or NMEA Multiplexer that is outputting/inputting NMEA 0183 data at 38400 baud
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication but must be at the same 38400 baud rate
  • Creates an 802.11b+g wireless access point and then transmits data via TCP/IP link
  • Fully compatible with popular iNavX navigation application for Apple mobile devices 
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution

1. I have an iAIS or a WLN10/WLN10HS and can connect my iPhone/iPad to it, but when I am connected, no one else on the boat can access it, is this right?

The iAIS and WLN10/WLN10HS systems support one TCP/IP wireless connection at a time, if you would like to have multiple users at the same time, you would need to use UDP mode. If you have a unit that was purchased before April 2012, then you should consult our Tech Note 00030-2012 for information on how to configure and use UDP mode. If you have an iAIS or WLN10 purchased after April 2012, then your unit should already support UDP mode and it is simply necessary to select UDP as the connection mode in the iAIS or iNavX app on your iPhone/iPad

Installation & Quick Start Guide WLN10 and WLN10HS Wireless NMEA Server (WLN10_Quick_Start_Guide_V1_00_Eng.pdf, 189 Kb) [Download]

Configuring Wireless NMEA Products for Multiple Connections (Tech_00030-2012_Multiple_NMEA_Wireless_Connections.pdf, 551 Kb) [Download]

Wireless NMEA Solutions (Wireless_NMEA_Solutions.pdf, 0) [Download]

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