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Conex JDB-2 Digital Barometer - Reads inHG/mmHG

Brand: Conex Electro-Systems, Condition: Discontinued
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Discontinued by the manufacturer - please see the JDB200X

Conex JDB-2 Digital Barometer

LARGE Display - Easy To Read From Across A Room!

The JDB-2 incorporates large easy-to-read digits (you can read it from across the room), a trend indicator, and battery operation to make weather watching easier than ever.

The JDB measures the barometric pressure every 15 minutes and displays in inches of mercury (In-Hg), or in Millimeters (mmHg). The JDB-2 also indicates the pressure trend, the best predictor of weather changes.  A rising trend generally indicates improving weather, while a drop often means deteriorating weather.   A sharp drop in pressure is indicated by a series of beeps.

The JDB-2 may be wall-mounted or set on a shelf, and uses a standard 9-Volt alkaline battery which lasts about a year.


  • Large format --- Unit measures 9" wide by 2.8" high. The digits are 1.5" high.
  • Pressure reading is updated every 15 minutes.
  • An overall accuracy of +- 0.05" Hg with a resolution of 0.01"Hg
  • Battery operation. Operates for over 1 year on a 9 volt alkaline battery.
  • Reads barometric pressure in inHg or mmHg.
  • A separate indicator shows pressure trends...Very Fast, Fast, and Steady.
  • Operates to an altitude of 7500 Feet

Conex JDB-1 Digital Barometer Operating Manual (JDB-1_Barometer.PDF, 195 Kb) [Download]