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BatteryMINDer Model 483CEC1 48V 3 AMP Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator

Brand: BatteryMINDer, Condition: New
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BatteryMINDer Model 483CEC1: The most advanced series of Battery Charger-Maintainer-Desulfators that BatteryMINDer has every offered using SmarTECHnology™. Users can now determine the level of charge remaining in their battery, and if weak and in need of replacement, before going bad. In addition, units test for weak cells and will recover weak or severely discharged batteries that other chargers would reject. 

What's in the Box?

  • BatteryMINDer 483CEC1 Maintenance Charger-Desulfator
  • Auto-Temp Compensation Sensor (Installed)
  • RTA-2415 2' Ring Terminal Assembly and 15A replaceable fuse
  • EZC-01 EZ Connector And Mounting Screws
  • Instruction Manual

BatteryMINDer Model 483CEC1 48V 3 AMP Desulfator Maintenance Charger

  • Guaranteed by the manufacturer to never over/charge.
  • User can select battery type for ALL lead-acid based batteries.
  • Maximizes battery life and performance.
  • Detects battery with weak or dead cell.
  • Sensor prevents over/under charge over wide environmental temperature range.
  • For Sealed, Wet (filler cap), Maintenance-Free, AGM, Gel, PLT, Odyssey.
  • Automatic HF desulfation pulses to dissolve harmful sulfate.
  • Maintains up to six (6) batteries at a time (requires BatteryMINDer "Y" connector assemblies model 210AY).
  • Multiple LED Indicators show state-of-charge and condition of battery.
  • Intrusion Protected from water & dust (Certified to International Standard IEC IP65).
  • Short circuit, spark, polarity and thermal run-away protected.
  • ECO Mode.
  • Includes FREE Digital Multimeter
  • Extremely low cost of operation.
  • High Efficiency (ensures very low power consumption (operating cost less than 43 cents / month [based on continually maintaining one (1) -125 Amp battery])
  • Automatically reduces power consumption to very low level (allows unit to always remain connected to AC while consuming very low level of electricity

Not for lithium, nickel–cadmium (NiCad), nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) or aircraft batteries. International Electrotechnical Commission, an international standards organization.


Power Source:
100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Temperature Compensation:
Yes: -20°C / -4°F | 50° / 122°
Comes with:
Auto-Temp Compensation Sensor (Installed) • 2' Ring Terminal Cord Set • EZC-01 Connector • Instruction Manual
5 Years
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